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Stainless Steel Compost Bin for Food Waste and Recycling
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Small Odorless Compost Can for Kitchen Trash and Counters
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Indoor Stainless Steel Hanging Trash Can for Kitchen Countertops and Cabinets
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Kitchen Counter Waste Bin for Compost and Food Prep Clean Up
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Kitchen Compost Caddy Trash Can 0.8 Gallon

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Key Features

Bring style and efficiency to your kitchen clean-up with the new Countertop Compost Caddy bin by Nine Stars. Made with durable, polished stainless steel, this modern home kitcken scrap waste bin features 0.8 gallons of space to deposit your compostable such as eggshells, vegetables, coffee grounds, and more. Our Countertop Compost caddy Bin is the perfect solution for a stylish, functional, and environmentally efficient best kitcken comtertop Compose compost caddy bin for smart kitchen homes, office, RV, and Bathroom cabinets.

  • Compose controls odors from garbage and sills with top-quality materials and a tight slide-closable lid on this compost caddy.

  • (Convenient Storage) Adhesive Mounting Bracket and Cabinet Mounting Hook create endless options for storing in your kitchen

  • Inner liner bucket assures leak-proof while handling or while in active motion preventing trash spills.

  • (High-quality design) Fingerprint Resistant Stainless-Steel Exterior

  • Compact and suitable for any composed kitchen space with stylish modern sleek appearance

  • Compatible with most cabinet doors, contains the hardware tools to attach the composting trash can 

  • Compost caddy bin is made of stainless steel material with smudge-proof fingerprint resistance.

  • This composed bin fits any Kitchen for trash or food scraps.

  • Other useful ideas: can be hung over the restroom cabinet as a storage bin

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