How Do I Locate My Model Number?

Your model number can be found in your User Manuel, on your Battery Compartment and stamped on the interior of your lid. Please Note that our model numbers begin with: DZT, OTT, SOT, WM, MS or TTT. 

Unable to Process a Refund or Exchange from a Retailer?

Unfortunately, we are unable to process refunds from 3rd party sellers, but we would be happy to help you file a warranty claim. Please keep in mind this requires proof of purchase.

Received a Damaged Unit from a Retailer?

If You received a damaged unit, we recommend returning it to where it was purchased. We understand every unit comes with an orange instructional flyer, but this is mainly for troubleshooting purposes.

Can I Purchase Internal Parts for My Lid?

Unfortunately, we are unable to sell any internal lid components as they arrive pre-assembled. You may purchase an entire replacement lid from our site and the price differs per model.

When Will My Order Ship?

Shipping is done every business day during our working hours. If you placed an order on a weekend or holiday, please note it will be shipped on the next business day. For more shipping information, please contact us.

Do You Ship Outside of the US and Canada?

Unfortunately, we only ship within the continental US and Canada at this time.

Is My Accessory Covered by Your Warranty?

Currently, our warranty does NOT cover any replacement liner rings, battery covers or inner buckets (if applicable). If you would like to review your warranty, you can find it on our Website or your user's manual Feel free to contact us for further assistance or shop replacements Here.

I Ordered the Wrong Accessory Part. What Should I Do?

If you would like to return your order to us, we will need to provide you with a return authorization number. Please do not send your unit to Nine Stars without a valid RA number. Without this number, our warehouse will not accept the package. Also please keep in mind that under our return policy the customer is responsible for sending the item to us. Once in our facility, we will refund your account with the cost of the item. The item may also be subject to a 25% handling fee if the item seems used or is not in its original packaging. If you would like us to identify the correct part needed, please provide us with the model number listed underneath your lid or inside your battery compartment. If you wish to obtain a RA Number please start a help and support form located at the bottom of our website.

How Do I Reset My Lid?

We're sorry you're experiencing problems with your lid. Please try our 24 hour factory reset as follows: Switch Off Your Unit, Remove the Batteries for a Full 24 Hours, While the Unit is off Try Wiping Down Your Sensor with a Damp Cloth or Disinfecting Wipe, Once the 24 Hours has Passed, Your Unit Should Be Working Properly. If Not, please contact us for further assistance.

How Do I Insert Batteries Into My Unit?

Your battery placement instructions can be found on your lid Please be sure that you are using the correct battery size as instructed and that they are placed in the appropriate direction.

How Do I Remove My Battery Cap?

To remove the battery cap, please hold down on the flap of the battery cap and push outward. The cap should come off easily. If you have any additional  difficulties, please contact us for further assistance.

Do You Sell Replacement Bases?

We do NOT sell replacement bases at this time. However, you can purchase an entire new unit here or through any of our authorized resellers. Please note prices will vary.

Where Are Your Products Distributed From?

All of our products are shipped directly from our warehouse in Southern California.

Should I  Place My Trash Can Under My Sink or in My Pantry?

We DO NOT recommend placing our trash cans in enclosed spaces as it can activate the sensor and damage your unit. We recommend placing our trash cans in open areas.

How Do I Use My Liner Ring?

We're sorry you're having trouble with your ring. We've made a video helping our customers with this process, you can view it by Clicking Here.

What is The Difference Between DZT-70-11R and DZT-70-R3?

DZT-70-R3 is an upgraded version of the DZT-70-11R. This unit holds 3 "D" size batteries whereas the DZT-70-11R holds 4 "D" size batteries. The DZT-70-R3 also contains recycle and waste magnets, whereas the DZT-70-11R has recycle/waste stickers. You Can Purchase the R3 Model Here, or the 11R Model Here.

What Trash Bag Can I Use for the 21 Gallon Units?

We recommend our trash bags that we offer to fit your unit perfectly You can purchase them by Clicking Here. You can also purchase any standard extra large or 30 gallon bags from other brands you may prefer.